Basil Infused Shochu?

I probably should have read up on basil infusion before I tried this, but I used the leftover Korean soju that a friend brought over since it was not fit for non-mixed drinks.

I chopped some fresh basil and put it into an airtight jar with the leftover soju for 36 hours – the same length of time I infused the habanero peppers.




Rancid soju. Not a hint of basil flavor. Just rot.

Turns out I didn’t need to chop the leaves or pluck the stems – just drop the whole basil bunch into the jar. I suspect my chopping might have quickened the “ripening” of the basil in the jar. Will have to try again.

This went down the drain.

Have you had any luck infusing shochu with basil? Let us know in comments!



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