Izakaya Cuisine

Styles of Izakaya Cuisine

Izakaya food can be hard to define. It’s essentially thought of as Japanese “comfort food” and that can take up many distinct styles. Everyone will end up having different preferences and should try to find an izakaya that serves the style food you’re in the mood for. Many izakayas will try to be all things to all people – they’ll serve a variety of these styles of food, though sometimes that backfires as they’ll not make anything particularly well. This can still work, because drinking is often the reason people go.

That said, here are a few of the most common styles of Japanese food served at izakayas.

Yakitori – grilled (yaki) chicken (tori) skewers. Almost a ubiquitous izakaya food.

Robata – slow grilled in an open fire pit.

Ramen – bowls of delicious noodle soup. So many styles, so many shops. Not always true izakayas, but worth a visit anyway.

Sushi – yes, sushi is served at izakayas, usually has an opening dish before the sweetness of the raw fish can be overwhelmed by other more robust flavors.

More styles coming soon!



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