Jiro Dreams of Sushi


Jiro Dreams of Sushi by David Gelb, released by Magnolia Pictures, is the kind of movie that comes along only once every few years. A gem so touching and so real that it sticks with you long after you’ve left the theater. It’s the first movie I’ve seen on opening day since Kill Bill, Vol 1 in 2003. And that’s saying something, because I love movies.

Jiro is an 85 year old sushi chef whose sushi bar was the first sushi restaurant ever awarded 3 stars by the Michelin Guide. That also makes him the oldest chef to earn 3 stars. What’s more remarkable is that is “restaurant” is a sushi counter in a subway station in Tokyo. His unrelenting striving for perfection is as mesmerizing as it is amazing.

The film is visually stunning. The music is pitch perfect. The cast of characters couldn’t have been any better drawn if they’d come out of auditions, yet these are the real people.

The trailer gave me chills. The movie brought tears to my eyes. Do yourself a favor and go see it on the big screen. It’s worth it. And if you don’t seek out the best Japanese sushi restaurant in your area afterward, you have no soul. You may as well book that reservation as soon as you pick a night to go see the film.

Don’t wait.

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Oh, and here’s the Kill Bill teaser trailer that made me want to see that the day it came out. Still love the music, the visuals, and the overwhelming coolness 9 years later.



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