Name This Cocktail!

As you may know, I recently infused some Suntory Juhyo Special shochu with fresh habanero (process described here). After 3 days of infusion I ended up with an *extremely* spicy shochu with a very nice flavor when cut with water.

Inspired by a friend of mine who is a bit of a budding mixologist, I made this cocktail.

2 ounces of habanero infused shochu

1.5 ounces of raw simple syrup

4.0 ounces of seltzer water 

2 sprigs of fresh mint leaves

Pluck the mint leaves from the stems. Tear each leaf into smaller pieces. Mint is a very delicate herb – muddling destroys its character while tearing releases the oils without turning it into pulp. Add all ingredients into a shaker with ice. Shake vigorously until foamy, pour into a 12 oz pint glass, and enjoy.

This turned out to a be a really nice spicy cocktail with enough mint and sugar to cut some of the heat of the habanero. I’ll keep experimenting, perhaps with bitters or other Asian spices/herbs to create something even more unique.

Now all it needs is a name. Any suggestions?



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