Nurukan (Hot Sake) Event @ 1 or 8 (March 13-15)

What: Nurukan “Hot Sake” Tasting

When: Tuesday, March 13th to Thursday, March 15th – 6pm to 10pm

Where: 1 or 8 (bar area) 66 South 2nd street Brooklyn, NY 11249 (for reservations call 718-384-2152)

How: $25 per tasting. No reservations necessary.

Without fully experiencing the coldest season of the year, we are already stepping into the month of March. Nevertheless, Shinji Mizutani of 1 or 8 has decided to offer a proper farewell to winter anyway. Before welcoming spring, 1 or 8 is having a 3-day warmed sake (nurukan) tasting event.

There are five completely different kinds of sake that are delicious warmed- 2 oz each – along with 3 pieces of oden (a Japanese winter staple consisting of a hot pot of vegetables, fish cakes, etc. in a broth).

Sake expert Ms. Hiromi Iuchi from Kuramoto US will be your guide, helping you navigate through the following sakes:

Ohkagura – Honjozo
Yoshi no Sugi – Taruzake
Choshu Roman – Tokubetsu Junmai
Shichida – Yamahai Junmai
Shiragiku – Nigori / Unfiltered

1 or 8 will also have some special dishes on the menu that will pair well with nurukan, so you can explore the various warmed sake during the tasting and then move on to your dinner in the dining room along with your new favorite drink.

If you have never had warmed sake, or if you tend to always order the
same one, this could be a unique opportunity.


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