Private Shochu Tasting

Good friends of ours were kind enough to make Cioppino for us on our last night in LA. We repaid them with an impromptu shochu tasting from the bottles we had to leave behind.



Far left is Kagura Tensho, which we just reviewed. A nice, smooth soba, barley, and rice shochu.

Far right is an Awamori we reviewed last week, Shimauta.

Next to the Shimauta is my new favorie imo, Kurokame, our first 90+ point shochu.

But what’s that 4th bottle? It’s a mystery. Anyone know? We’ll reveal it soon.

What was the consensus? For our friends who are not familiar with shochu, they were struck by the complexity and variation in just 4 bottles of what is arguably the same spirit. I’d agree. Shochu is much more diverse in style and flavor than Scotch or other well known spirits here in the U.S.

As for me, I’m sticking with the Kurokame as my favorite of the bunch, though I’d not turn aside the others.

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