Shochu Diet Flatlining?


A funny thing happened on my Shochu DietThanksgiving happened.

As of week 11 I was at my lowest weight on the diet, down 12.2 lbs. The Week 12 milestone was Thanksgiving Day. My Mom:

  • brined a turkey
  • made stuffing
  • made mashed potatoes with lots of butter
  • baked 3 pies
  • plied us with chocolate martinis and red wine

I finished 3 servings of turkey and various side dishes. Despite the hiking for exercise and pretty strict adherence to shochu, Week 12 saw a +1.1 lb increase.

Week 13 saw another +1.1 lb increase, because it included the leftover meals and the half pan of brownies Mom packed up in my carry-on bag. For someone without much of a sweet tooth, I have a sinister weakness for my mother’s chocolate brownies.

So here I stand at Week 13, down 10 lbs from the start of the diet. But that’s where I was after Week 8 (5 weeks ago). Have I plateaued? Is 10 lbs the weight loss I can realistically expect from the Shochu Diet?

We’ll see how the weight fares over the next few weeks – the Christmas & New Year’s holidays. If I’m still down 10 lbs, I’ll consider that a win – maintaining during the holidays is tough. January probably represents my return to normal diet, calorie intake, and exercise routine so perhaps we’ll see additional weight loss then.

Stay tuned.





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