Shochu Samurai Night @ OKA


Kampai.US is very proud to be hosting 7 shochu makers from Miyazaki, who have dubbed themselves the Seven Shochu Samurai, at OKA Restaurant in Murray Hill. This event is from 6-9pm on Saturday, March 3rd. Tickets are $25 in advance, $30 at the door.

These same 7 makers have visited NYC each year since 2016. Each year they bring slightly different portfolios. This year there will be 23 brands available to try, several of which have never been introduced in NYC before. Please come out to try these delicious shochu styles for one night only at Oka.

Oka is an izakaya inspired restaurant from very talented chef John McCarthy. His food pairings are sure to be fantastic with these diverse shochu.

I’ll be on hand to share my stories from my visits to these 7 distilleries last spring.

Date: Saturday, 3 March 2018

Time: 6pm-9pm EST

Location: OKA Restaurant (439 3rd Avenue between 30th and 31st Streets in Manhattan)



Furusawa Distillery (Nichinan, Miyazaki)

  • Yaezakura Sen (25% ABV sweet potato)
  • Yaezakura Yume (20% ABV sweet potato)
  • Yukashi (25% ABV barley)

Kodama Distillery (Nichinan, Miyazaki)

  • Toji Junpei Tezukuri (hand made 25% ABV sweet potato)
  • Toji Junpei Genhu (hand made 38% ABV sweet potato)
  • Toji Junpei Beniimo Hanadori (44% hanatare <first drops> sweet potato)

Kuroki Honten Distillery (Takanabe, Miyazaki)

  • Hyakunen No Kodoku <100 years of solitude> (40% ABV oak aged barley)
  • Kiroku (25% ABV sweet potato)
  • Nakanaka (25% ABV barley)
  • Q (14% ABV sweet potato blend)

Kyoya Distillery (Nichinan, Miayzaki)

  • Kappa no Sasoimizu (20% ABV sweet potato)
  • Heihachiro (25% ABV sweet potato)
  • Hebess Cool (20% ABV liqueur – sweet potato shochu and Miyazaki citrus)
  • Kame Shizuku Gen (20% ABV sweet potato)
  • Yuzu Gin (47% ABV sweet potato based gin)

Ochiai Distillery (Kagamizu, Miyazaki)

  • Hettsui Neko (25% ABV blended sweet potato)
  • Zanshin (aged 14% ABV sake lees)
  • Rihei Ginger (38% ABV ginger)

Watanabe Distillery (Miyazaki City, Miyazaki)

  • Kuro Koji Asahi-Mannen (25% ABV sweet potato)
  • Asashi-Mannen Daichi No Yume (40% ABV sweet potato)
  • Aahi-Mannenboshi (25 ABV barley)

Yanagita Distillery (Miyakonojo, Miyazaki)

  • The Yanagita Mizunara (41% ABV barrel aged barley)
  • The Yanagita Koma (25% ABV barley)
  • Aokage (25% barley)



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