Shochu’sday 2018

En Lineup

Shochu’sday renews in 2018 with a similar schedule to last year. One per month, always with a theme. Check this page for updated dates, times, and locations along with increased details.

Tuesday, January 16: Food Pairing Shochu’sday @ Teisui (246 5th Avenue – entrance on 29th Street, west, of 5th Avenue, Flatiron) 5:30-7:30pm. We will pair some drinking snacks with shochu available on Teisui’s menu. Teisui is a beautiful space dominated by a counter. It started as a yakitori spot, but has now expanded to sushi service as well.

Monday, February 5: Oyuwari Shochu’sday @ Uminoie (86 East 3rd Street, between 1st and 2nd Avenue, East Village, NYC) 7-9pm. We will focus on oyuwari service with shochu mixed with hot water for a warming winter tipple. Stephen Lyman will be giving oyuwari service demonstrations to interested guests throughout the evening so you can see how to make your own at home.

Future dates to be decided soon.

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