Zuisen Hakuryu Awamori

Zuisen Hakuryu Awamori

Brand: Zuisen Hakuryu Awamori (瑞泉 白龍)

Distillery: Zuisen Distillery, Co. Ltd. 

Location:  Naha, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan

Grain: 100% aged indica (Thai) rice

koji: Okinawa black

alcohol content: 25.9% (51.8 proof)

price: $$$


Tasting Notes

Zuisen is perhaps the largest distiller of Awamori in Okinawa. This Hakuryu represents their entry level Awamori, though they have domestic varieties that are aged for more than 20 years. Like all Awamori, this represents a full flavored spirit with a great deal of complexity. These spirits are difficult to place flavor-wise and only a molasses palate steps to the front among familiar flavors with Zuisen. Unlike other Awamori available in the U.S. this one is quite balanced. Not necessarily smooth, but mellow for the style.

As with all Awamori, Zuisen ages exceptionally well if stored in a clay jar for a few weeks to months. The flavors mellow further and the nose shifts from strange and exotic to something much closer to a nice rich imo shochu.


The Verdict: Recommended 

This is a mild Awamori as they go, which means its still quite a bit more flavorful than other types of shochu. This may be a nice introduction to Awamori for those who have discovered shochu and want to explore its diversity. As with all Awamori, this is probably not a spirit to make cocktails with (which won’t keep us from trying), but it is a nice drink on the rocks or with water.






5 Responses to “Zuisen Hakuryu Awamori”
  1. Chip says:

    This my favorite Awamori. I drink some almost every week, either straight, chilled (hana-brie) or de roku (yuk-hie.)


  2. Jochen Erler says:

    Jochen Erler ernstjochenerler@gmail.com
    Journalist and Wine Consultant
    Uferstraße 76, Top7
    6020 Innsbruck

    Dear Ms Hinano Kinjo,
    first let me thank you for the tasting, my first visit of a Sake distillery. I already had learned something about Sake at promotional tastings, at London Wine Trade Fair, Prowein or VINEXPO, and especially in a Japanese Bar in London that specializes in Sake wine and spirits. Now I learned about Amawori, a product made with a special yeast. I consider your 18-year old product much superior to the 10-year old and suggest to submit it to a spirits competition organized by “Selection”, a German wine & food magazine with a circulation of 60.000 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. I am one of the tasters there and can assure you that the high circulation of this magazine promises a good impact on consumers and trade in the German speaking part of Europe, an impact probably better than the other spirits contests experienced by me in England, South Africa, Austria and Germany.
    I have given your email address to the organizer of the competition. He will send you the invitation and conditions for participation.
    I hope to find your excellent Kusu among the award winners in the future.
    Best regards
    Jochen Erler cc. Selection

    • robert says:

      got my hands on some of this and at first i thought it was going to be week like 12 maybe 14% but when bottle said 40 abv this is more like a hard liquor. but with the bajablast mtn dew as a mixer its good rilly good i like this.

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